The posters

Thursday, 10 April 2008


We all went off in separate directions to disseminate the flyers, I started to walk to St.Leneords. This was a part of Exeter I had stayed in and remembered fondly. I liked the small parade of shops along Magdalen Rd which all appear to be independently run, a rare delight in our globalised market of faceless conglomerates and franchises. From the gallery I turned left on to the Western Way and walked straight, I put a sticker on the green bridge near the round about and then got distracted from my intended route and wandered towards the end of South Street.

I got a warm welcome in the Big Issue shop and was allowed to put up several stories in their window, Then I was attracted to the large imposing building on the opposite side of the road. I walked up the stone steps and through the open doors to a small entrance hall with glass cases holding posters. Then I peered through the secure door in to the actual entrance hall, it was much larger with statues, flags and an over abundance of notice boards. I excitedly pressed the buzzer, there was no response but the door had been unlocked. I walked through the hall and into an amazing workingmen’s club, filled with heraldry and insignia. Near the stage there was an enormous union jack flag on a mast. The barmen took the posters and said he would consult with the management and might be allowed to put them up.

Then I continued along to Magdalen Street, I put some flyers under windscreen wipers in the car park and then proceeded along to St Leonard’s. On the way I put a poster on what looked like an abandoned building opposite Hotel Barcelona. It appeared to be some kind of addiction centre (there was an addaction sign to the right of the door) but I was certain it had been abandoned so I hovered near the notice board outside. As I was selecting a poster to put on it someone opened the front door. Startled by this unexpected inhabitant I moved on up the road swiftly, I continued up Magdalen Rd towards the small parade of independent shops. I stopped in the Laundrette and stuck a poster on a very prominent notice board whilst leaving some flyers on the windowsill. I spoke to a very nice lady who took one of the posters and also a leaflet about Spacex. I then proceeded to go in to every shop along the parade paying to put up cards in the shop windows. Most of the shops charged but one or two were happy to put them up for free. One shop owner said “ We only charge people if they are selling things, if your not making any money from it then it really doesn’t matter!”

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